Zion Canyon, Zion National Park, Utah

Zion Canyon, located in Zion National Park in Utah is one of the most easily accessible canyons, and its shear beauty is stunning. There are several trails, all of which can be accessed via the Tram that does a loop around the park grounds. We chose to do Canyon Overlook Trail as it gave you an amazing vantage point, as the name suggests allowing you to see the vastness of the scenic canyon.

What a backdrop to have in any photo, even more mesmerizing after doing the hike to the overlook point.  I could stay here for hours and enjoy the scenery, but we didn’t pack enough food!

The river that once eroded the canyon walls can be seen at the bottom running in unison to the Tram road that gets you in and around the parks numerous hikes.

Highlight of the trip was the excursions through "The Narrows", a stretch of canyon that narrows to about 15 metres, with walls reaching heights of hundreds of metres at the rim. Make sure you wear water-tight pants and shoes because the water is chilly and the elements aren't nice on the skin. We saw people opting not to wear the gear and they were struggling. We hired gear outside the park at a tour operater retail store, well worth the money outlayed.

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