Autumn Plum Pie

plum pie

Plum picking in Bulgaria led to the recipe for this plum pie. With a deserted plum orchard down the road from our hosts house we decided to take a walk with the backpack and go get us some plums. As it was September we had arrived in time for cherries, apples and plums in this neighborhood. The plums being so ripe are super sweet and the flesh of the fruit melts like butter in your mouth. 

We collected plums from trees in the orchard by shaking the trunk of the tree allowing all the ripe plums to fall to ground and for us to then scramble to pick them all up, eating many on along the way. What may look like many imperfections on these plums is simply a marking on the skin leaving the delicious flesh intact. 

Collecting more than necessary to make a plum pie we also made a plum and apple crumble and as winter is not far of we where able to make use of the excess,  dehydrating slices and creating jam as preserves to be stored in the cellar.

pie and tea



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