If you could pause life for a year, what would it look like?

Time to Just Be

Enjoy the simple things and capture the memories that you will reflect on later in life

Take a Moment to Embrace Nature

This world has amazing places to be seen, explore what it has to offer and see what can be discovered

Food That Nourishes and Heals

Experience local cultures through the food and natural remedies that tradition has withstood the test of time.

Choose the Road Less Travelled

We’re taking a year off with a rough plan, but we’re open for whatever encounters cross our path and this is the just beginning

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One Fine Year Map

About Us

Hi! One Fine Year is a blog by us, Freddy and Leah.

We decided to take a year off from our busy work lives and travel the world exploring different landscapes, food and cultures.

As cooking enthusiasts, avid hikers, and wellness seekers we wanted to go to different countries and discover what foods and practices people use to heal their body and soul.

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